Just one more in the world

You were born, grown up and learned to talk.
By the passing of time you also learned to read.
You lived your childhood time, where each new day was a new one.
You thought to be like your parents, thought to be a superhero,
thought on the very next day,
where you could play again with your friends,
where each kid that came into your life was able to become
your best friend in the same day you met,
where any mistake committed against you were simply forgotten in the next day.
You got your first bike, and made friends with whom you also rode the bike.
You learned to sum up and to multiply, and played with your favorite toys.
You liked boys (girls) older, prettier and impossible to you.
You gave your first kiss, you learned to love.
There were moments that you had in your teenage,
where your body got transformed, as well as your behavior.
You thought about changing the world, the humanity, the friends,
and even your life, without taking any action for this.
You thought on gaining with no effort.
You thought about conquering, with a look, the same person by whom
you were conquered by the same way.
You grown up, studied physics and chemistry.
You had your first job, studied for the exams and also got into the college.
You thought that what you were used to think was right, until you found out that, at youth, the things you were used to think were volatile and just worked to give you energy for not giving up.
The same youth were you solidified friendships, but the same one
where you registered deep hurts.
These hurts which walked beside you for too long, and,
many times, not as a child anymore, you didn’t forget them in the next day,
but left them as scars just for you to remember your experiences
when looking at the marks.
The same youth where you built your future, your career, your eternal hobbies, your ambitions and wishes,
where it was easier to get a conquest, and a loss at the same time.
You made friends in your job and in the university, and went out with them.
You made party, had fun, got money. You got sick, got cold, with headache, and almost fainted too.
You got some surprises, listened to music, sang and danced.
You graduated and got a diploma.
You thought about having a serious relationship. Got married. Was happy.
You decided to have a kid, by the joy of having one, and by tradition, because everybody around you have or already thought on having one.
You enjoyed your youth, ’till you became an adult, where you noticed that your parents were indeed right and your grandparents had the voice of wisdom.
Where your opinions were more hardly destroyable,
because you did an amulet of your experiences.
The youth where you also made a family, and lived what your walk had produced.
Where you were surrounded by friends with so unbreakable visions like yours, and also by people that could, with a blow, fade your life away in the wind like sand grains, and where everything you lived for years could, unpredictably, have been lived in vain.
You became a doctor in your area. You wanted more money, looked for happiness.
You felt surrounded by people and lonely at the same time.
You ascended in your job, got positions, responsibilities, importance, respect.
And you even felt a lack of something without knowing what that was.
You got retired, your children were born, learned to read and write, and got their first bikes.
They made friends, grown up, got married and gave you grandchildren.
These ones kept a cycle that repeated for many other generations.
But you died, getting in the end of your life with the same doubt:
did my life worth, or was I just one more in the world?

.:. Sindra .:.


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