Without love…

Sometimes I ask myself why loving is so relative.
Love could be a feeling that emerges suddenly, or that notifies when it’s coming.
However it is not a feeling, it’s something you choose to have.
Anyway, the more you choose it, the more you’re chosen by it.
It’s like a house you decide to build. You work on its foundations and get prepared to build the first floor, but then even the second floor is supernaturally built.
Nevertheless, if you just stop and wait for the construction to build up by itself, the foundation is ruined and the house collapses.
It’s necessary to work on it; it’s necessary to wish, but also do; want, but also act; speak, but also listen; love, but love!
I learned to love, but each new day I say that I learned to learn; because without learning there’s no growth, and without growth there’s no love.
If I had completely learned to love, I wouldn’t grow anymore.
But by learning to learn, I noticed there’s so much to grow, and infinitely so much to love.
What would love be without mercy?
What would love be without justice?
The mercy that’s beyond the merit, that overcomes the comprehension of consequences; that dims the natural way of our actions.
The mercy that erases mistakes, that bring colors to defects, and that gives the value its intense shine.
The justice that does not allow losing with victory, nor winning with loss. It does not allow the extreme, nor tolerate the lowermost.
The love that, without mercy and justice, is not love.
Feelings don’t have them, but love has them as basis, and lasts with them, distributing wisdom and strength to those who love in truth.
Those who love get rich, and those who are loved profit.
Loving is incomparable, but to be loved is indescribable.
God, family, wife, friends… sources of inexhaustible and incomprehensible love.
God is manifest through people and His love is seen on them.
Friends are like a family, and a wife is a friend and your own family.
Family teaches about God and is also a friend.
And the only thing that can make these characters to share the same roles is love.
Without it, there’s separation, division and selfishness.
Without it, anyone lives for him/herself; without it, friends are just any acquaintances, wife is just an object, family is an enemy, and God does not exist.
Without love, we lack actions and words.
Without love, we lack actions…
Without love…

T. Jakob


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