The Paradigm of Time

I’d like to have time…
time to do all I want to do;
time to work, but also to rest;
time to have fun and to have nothing to do;
time to think… by the way, if I had time to think maybe I could get time to make all the other things.
“Time is money” is what some say… but some, for not thinking, loose money.
Others think too much, and don’t get time to win money.
Some debate: money is happiness; others reply: money brings happiness.
But, in the end, all of them wish to buy happiness, until the moment they find out
they’re unhappy and, if they could, they would go back on time to change the ambition of the past.
Back on time… the same time that is meant to heal all hurts.
But the same time that corrodes the metal through the rust, that wrinkles the young body and turns it old, discolors the brand new tissue, can heal a hurt, but also make it petrify and brake links forever.
The time makes to come and go what is already predetermined: the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the winds, the rain, the evils. Everything happens over and over. People are born and die.
The time is not a medicine, it’s not like a crank that you can rotate to deslocate the beginning to its end.
The time is the means of locomotion, allowing everything to move, to deslocate.
It doesn’t pass, we do pass by it.
The past exists because of our remembrances, and not because the timeline is moving, the timeline that many people think they can make it go back.
That’s the reason why it’s so difficult to comprehend the action of God.
The God who is not limited to the time, but who is its Lord.
That made all things too long before they existed and thus knew their end.
That died for the sins still not commited, and for those that had already died.
Without the time, the song doesn’t have rythm; it can’t be played.
Some people live confined to the past, depending only on what already happened.
Others live by anyway, waiting for the future to come, when they can finally take new actions.
The living is now, because it’s what remains for us to do.
To be true in everything we do, honests, incorrupt, friendly, complete, knowing how to seize the time, that is our means of locomotion, moving us closer to or farther from God.
I can learn, but I can also forget.
I can get next to the wisdom, but set me apart from the inocence.
If I had known that before, I wouldn’t have waited for the end, but I’d be ready for it.
To have time?
Well, maybe that was not the right expression.
What is lacking to me is comprehension, intention and action.
Just comprehending doesn’t change my wishes.
Just wanting doesn’t make me to act.
Acting without wishing or understanding doesn’t produce results.
At least not in me.
Perhaps when a transformation start in me, I’ll be able to transform the world through the time.

.:. Sindra .:.


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