God Isn’t Fixing This

This week I’ve read the following news:


There are surely many people who say – or pray – more than they do. It is common to see people asking God to act while they don’t move a feather. Actions are many times more required than simply prayers, and some will still pray, or say they pray, in order to show [fake] interest about something. But like everything else in life, not everyone is like that.

When we say that our prayers are with those who suffer, we do not usually expect God to simply act as a genie, using magic to heal all wounds and remove all sources of pain and suffering.

However, God also acts through people. Believing in God does not mean only “being aware of his existence”, but living according to his will; and that will is clear: love each other.

That being said, we who believe will consequently help others through comfort, food, support, protection, and any other forms of love. Thus, when we pray for others who are suffering, we are sure that God will touch other believers to also act.

Needless to say, others who do not believe – thus, do not act – still send their “prayers” indeed, but categorizing all sorts of “prayers” as useless is far from reasonable. Generalization, unfortunately, is how media has been feeding the masses for years, and it’s been proven very successful.

When, however, someone says “God Isn’t Fixing This”, they are the ones publicly stating that they believe in a genie, blaming their own lack of love on what they call “Religion”, which most times is just a magical and immutable word used to describe ignorance.


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